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Customer Review for Dr. Seymour Kerns - JVREA, LLC:

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September 12, 2005
Witheld but may be contact via fjhht@hotmail.com from Los Angeles, CA.
Review Title::
JVREA & Dr.Kern My Money 25k, Poof! Be careful..
1 Star (or Unacceptable).
Dr.Kern, head of the JVREA recently recieved from us $25,000. We inquired about his services several months ago and since that time he has not funded us with any amount of money whatsoever. There are many reasons why we feel you should be careful before giving him your hard earned dollars. Namely:

1) He requested that we WIRE the money into his personal account with Bank of America. Please let our foolishness be your warning. NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES wire anyone money without signing a contract to protect yourself.

2)When asked about assistance via email and phone call he seemed to never give us the straight scoop. He failed on every level of communication and did not reply promptly until we asked for our money back.,

3) He mentioned about a substitute investor buying us out to recover our $25,000 without any assistance from JVREA. This is nonsense. We deposited $25,000 to HIS personal account and NOW he tells us this.,

4) His services are to provide funding if we put up the $25,000. It does not seem at this point he can provide the funding. Okay so we did give to him the $25,000 and then his ONLY assistance was giving us a few phone numbers and names for reference who can possibly provide us with a loan. Hahahahahahaha, can you imagine that!!!??? Anyone can do this. You don't need to be PHD to see that this man is crazy what we have done. If we needed references we would have found it ourselves online or by phone. The nerve. We realize that we participate in one of his properties but we have no way of getting our money back.

Please read a letter sent to Dr. Kern regarding our situation.

Dr. Kern,

Thank you for your immediate reponse to my letter. As we had discussed, this one was going to be tough due to the complexity of the deal. Thank you again for at least trying to make this work. With your expanding programs and constant recruiting, it should not be difficult to find replacement investors/members. I know that you - as trustee of the association - must have access to the millions already collected in the B of A account. Of course, there's advertising, office expenses, probably a little stipend, etc. but $25,000 should not be difficult to come up in a short period of time. As the need arises, we hope that we can count on you again - and that we can give you as a referral to others - for any and other future projects. As I have spoken to you and met you in person, I know you are most genuine in helping people make money.

Best regards, (name witheld)

.....He never responded.

Bottom line is that if anyone is going to freely give money away you're better off donating it to charity because any Investment with Dr.Kern is the same as burning your cash to light his cigars as he laughs at us.

I will be more than happy to give additional testimony to anyone who is interested. Please write me at fjhht@hotmail.com. Thank you.

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