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Customer Review for Ken Roberts:

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November 11, 2005
Steve from NC.
Review Title::
Ken Roberts Has Excellent Commodities Trading Information Which Is Always The Key.
5 Stars (or Oustanding).
I knew of Ken many years ago, and his commodities trading course has been marketed by his people since the 1980's. It is a good basic presentation for this type of inevsting, but like anything else, you need to work it, learn it, expand on it, and have good information to make a decision before you risk any monies.

Under the SEC rules, ALL inevstments of any kind always carry a disclaimer you can lose all or part of your investment and no guarantees! As soon as people learn this, it will be the first step.

Now, commodities or any other investment if you chose to indulge, you MUST first have good information globally and NOT from a newspaper or yesterday's mail, which means you best benefit by investing in real time or a small delay timed data system for information such as FutureLink, etc... Without this, you might as well throw your money away..

Next, you need to udnerstand the market(s) which you have interest and all technical as well as fundamental events which can and do affect those markets verses your position and/or risked investment.

And you need to WATCH your investment like a 24/7 business and work it as a business!

Sure Mr. Robert's people market information and nothing is wrong there. Sure they make millions a year marketing it too. Many people do and it is very legal as long as they incorporate required disclaimers somewhere in the material.

The problem is, too many people buy products such as this with attitude they are "guaranteed' to gain and only gain and that is WRONG!!!

I began my life years ago with Ken Roberts and expanded on his initial information and made security industry associates and contacts over time and was a successful private inevstor until a divorce destroyed all I had- and fact most judges have no idea what futures are or options on futures, etc., and make damaging decisions which hurt people in the know in those industries..

Anyway, you MUST realize, most of Robert's stuff was written prior the inception of computer generated trading in the mid 1980's or so, and so, what used ot be able to be taken in a more nonchalant stance of position, you cannot do today!!! Everything is computerized including the world banking systems and to be competitive and/or try to exist in the futures (or any other) industry of inevsting, you MUST have a large enough margin account, good understanding of underlying characteristics of such investing, and a good data stream system which you can gauge your plays by and good world news sources that are NOT of the mainstream too !!! That is what I would reccommend for anyone seriously thinking of getting into trading futures contracts.

I used to see positions I had of $22,000.00 in profits in a given day at times, but I also have experienced limit moves locking me in at the wrong position for days at times because of screwed up USDA data to, seeing me having to feed my margin acocunt to stay in unitl pressures eased and I was able to limit some losses later on...

I love futures contracts and one day, hope to be in position again to be able to give it the time, inevstment, research and effort it requires to again be successful as I once was.. it is serious and NOT a game, and you can lose all or part of your money or worse as in any investment !!!

In my opinon, say a person has done homework and research and read everything out there and practiced (paper traded), which is NOTHING like trading real hard earned monies of yours; in the end, I would NOT reccommend any newbie from oepning a margin account with less than a $50,000.- $75,000.00 financial ability to do so...

I stopped trading about 1998, but soon after that, all those internet.com fiascos with the stock market and so many worthless IPO's and such at the time seeing a bubbble burst and many pension dollars lost, etc.. the SEC stepped in and now has required larger minimum margin balances for anyone trading in any sector of the securities industry, so this needs to be relaized too.

Good luck!

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