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Customer Review for Multi-Level Marketing Scams:

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August 9, 2005
J. Campell from California, USA.
Review Title::
Multi-Level Marketing Scams: My MLM Experience.
1 Star (or Unacceptable).
MLM's are very convincing in their presentation or to use an old vernacular "pitch" or "used car salesman approach" to the public, most use the best copy writers they can find to promote their system.

I use the word "system" because that is what the MLM's are, there is no product, some will utilize an ebook as their product or bait, but this is not really a product in of itself, it is more an informational book on how to recruit sales persons into the organization or system and make thousands of dollars off the recruits. So in other words, MLM's have created a viscious cycle of innocent people feeding off each other while the actual owners, who by the way are not going to give you actual secrets as some profess, sit back making all the money to riches from your subscriptions.

Also, these MLM's recommend costly engine submissions, pay-per-click, autoresponders etc, which their is no doubt in my mind, a "kick back" exists to the MLM owners. Some people will succeed in making a little money, they are an exception, not the rule. Just to keep in good faith with the populace and maintain a semblence of credibility MLM's will use testimonies on their sites.

If you pay real close attention at MLM websites, you will observe their payouts are either based on the pyrimid, horizontal or veritical systems, which is an indicator of not selling, only recruiting or investing in a downline list of sales people you get to receive money from monthly and the payout is very little, if you get paid. But they like to make it sound like you are really selling a viable product.

It is amazing how all these MLM's pass the money around the internet with all their alleged wisdom on how everyone is making money. It reminds me of the old racketeering methods. If everyone stopped investing in these MLM's you can bet you will see an internet crash worse than the stock market crash. These types of programs are making it difficult for honest sincere business people to offer goods and even hire honest people to sell their goods without expecting promises of making millions or thousands of dollars over night.

I have been victimized several times with MLM's hoping one would pay off, NOT ONE PAID OFF, I spent a lot of money trying to promote the MLM with an end result of losing a considerable amount of money. The heiarchy of monopolization

on the internet is not going to let anyone get near to making a sucessful business venture. Why? because it will cause an adverse affect by independent businesses obtaining a portion of the internet income.

Do not misconstrue what I just stated, I believe in free enterprise, but to have an honest free enterpirse, monopolization can not exist, it polarizes the system into a static internet. Finally, have you ever noticed that these MLM's are not registered with the Better Busiess Bureau, not state licensed businesses, no tax form W-9 or 1099 forms required? Look deeper into these types of programs before entering into any agreement.

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