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Customer Review for Robert G. Allen:

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May 8, 2006
Yeun S. from Seattle, WA.
Review Title::
Bought my 1st foreclosure with.
2 Stars (or Acceptable).
I attended Robert Allen's Creating Wealth (WeathTraining 2000) in 1991 and got just a little bit of knowledge but a lot of courage to buy and invest in my first home before I turned 30. This was a goal I had set for myself after attending the seminar. I took Robert Allen's advice and found a home close to a school and shopping mall with easy freeway access which met the 3 criteria he has taught me -- "There are 3 things to look for in real estate: Location! Location! Location!". To me, "Nothing Down" does not really mean no money down but using "Other People's Money or Resources." I realized the dream of owning my first "Nothing Down" foreclosure home with my girlfriend (and now my wife) within 3 years after taking the course. I just had to come up with $5,000 closing costs along with my girlfriend's credit and $9,000 borrowed from my mom for the 3% down payment. I turned the downstairs of the house into a boarding house and rented each of the 4 bedrooms individually to college students and young professionals while I lived upstairs "rent free" for many years as a bachelor. This house in which I am still living in (now with just my wife and two kids) remains the BEST investment I have ever made after I lost thousands in the stock market during the DotCom crash. With the equity gained in the house in the last 12 years (house value has quadrupled), we are able to borrow from the equity of the house with a line of credit to bankroll 5 other foreclosure investments in the last few years amidst a hot market in Seattle, WA. With the equity gained in the other foreclosure investments, we are able to pay off all our debts including the mortgage on the house we are currently living in if we are to sell everything now and live DEBT FREE.

The value of Robert Allen's training is not so much about "How To" do Real Estate but it's all about "Overcoming Fear", discovering your "Purpose" through "Self-Discovery" because he understood that if he can help his students to overcoming their fears and discover their "purpose" and why they want financial freedom, then they will succeed in Real Estate AND any other endeavor they choose to pursue.

I really enjoyed the "Self-Mastery" porton of the training in Anaheim, CA, which included Hypnosis Therapy by Don Wolf (NLP Expert) to help us heal our past psychological wounds; NLP Rapport Building/Negotiation training; playing the game of "20 Questions"; learning about "Trust" by being blindfolded and be led by a stranger and then being pushed off a plank; getting in touch with our "Spirit" or "Higher Being" and using our own "Intuition" to solve problems; and overcoming our fears by breaking ply-wood boards. These skills and self-discoveries are not only vital and valuable to learn in real estate, but for personal and professional growth in any endeavor you undertake.

Robert Allen's common-sense and no-non sense advice and innovative teaching methods are some of the best I have ever gotten from studying many mentors. Some of his best advice I will always remember is "There are 3 main things to look for in Real Estate: Location! Location! Location!" "Don't wait to buy Real Estate, buy Real Estate and wait." "The product or service you sell ultimately is LOVE, manifested and materialized."

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