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Customer Review for Russ Dalbey:

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April 25, 2005
A. M. from Las Vegas, NV.
Review Title::
Put the time In the Program and Reap the Benefits.
3 Stars (or Average).
I purchased this program about two years ago and let it sit on a shelf. One day I decided to read the book and I then called the company and started asking questions about the business and it seemed do-able.

I attended a workshop last November and I just closed my first note deal. At the workshop I met several people who told of their first note deal and all of them said one thing, they did not know what they were doing.

I had purchased a list of leads (people who have trust deeds) and sent out post cards. I did receive plenty of responses but most were from people who no longer had the note on the property and a few were family members saying the note holder was deceased.

I received a call from a gentleman stating he had a note and wanted to sell it. I went through the Winning In the Cash Flow Book and asked for the information listed on the "Analysis Worksheet". The seller answered my questions and I told him I would have a quote for him in one to two business days.

I checked my information with the folks at America's Note Network, listed it on the site and within a day or two, I had two quotes. I called my seller and he went with my highest quote. The note deal closed within two weeks of the seller accepting the bid.

Now for the real story, everything I have said above is true but more so, I did not know what I was doing. I got the information from the seller, called to check on what I was doing, listed the note on the web, got two bids from different investors and I had my first deal. I have not met anyone in this business with the exception of Russ Dalbey that knew what to do on their first note deal.

I'm sure when I get my next deal, I will feel maybe not as nervous, but nervous because it is new territory. But that is the exciting part of this business. No two deals are alike and with each new one, you are guaranteed to learn something new and all it really requires is for you to step out on faith.

One final point, I have invested money in this program, but I am worth it because it is an investment in me and my future. If any of you with adverse comments took the time to read the material, you should realize that the program is not designed for you to memorize the book or know everything, it is a guidline.

Russ Dalbey has said that there is no concrete rules, a lot of what you do is trial and error. He basically gives you a guide to follow and you can tweek it and find what works for you. The great thing about going to the workshops is you get to network with other people and learn what they have tried that worked for them. Russ recommends, try everything, there is no one set way of doing this business or advertising it. This is an investment in you and a chance for you to step outside your comfort zone and believe, "I'm not the smartest rock in the box, but I do have the desire and ability to learn, and I can do this." Step out on faith.

Finally, another incentive for me to try this business is Russ's guarantee that you receive in writing. This is an investment that pays you back in many ways, but you must stick with it. My husband is a huge skeptic but now that I have my first deal, he is proud and supportive.

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