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Customer Review for Tony Robbins:

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March 25, 2005
Oscar from Chicago.
Review Title::
Want to rent a family? Church for people who.
2 Stars (or Acceptable).
I atended the upw and dwd programs. I did not sign up for the money and health program on advice from 8 people who did. Had I read the books unlimited power and awaken the giant before the seminars, I would not have gone to dwd, as the exercises are all in those books, and I am a self starter so I would'nt need someone to push me through.

In my experience, there is nothing new at these seminars. All the exercises are activities that we all do "by default" all the time. In healthy families, people regularly get together and relive the fondest memories of childhood, reinstalling them, laughing, and feeling great. Planning for the future, setting goals, playing games, reinforcing each other. My wife's Italian family is like a walking upw event.

They always hug and kiss, and they build each other up constantly. They dont walk through fire, but they sure as heck test each other like fire with the way they talk to each other sometimes, and they make themselves strong.

For me, the walking through fire part was nothing. I have worked enough brutal hard labor to know I can do anything, if it can be done.

Everyone does it, its no big deal. No second thought.

Tony Robbins conducts church for people who don't like church. He is a Christian who loves people, in my opinion. What he does is what every Church I know does, except without the hang ups. It's like church with swearing and sex talk. Values, beliefs, rules, feelings, singing, dancing, hugging, back rubs...its a revival! for people who love God and Life and dislike religion and boring self righteous church.

One thing though, you work your ass off.

I paid $5000 to go to dwd knowing I was going for one thing, to "learn" my values and beliefs in order.

What I "learned" was it was the same thing I had been taught in church many years ago. Even in kindergarten. No she did'nt charge $5000, and she did'nt bill it as my date with destiny, but she did tell me to be courageous, honest, honrable, loving, and strong. She taught me in order to feel honorable I must honor. In order to feel loved I must love. In order to feel courageous, I must do something difficult to help others.

Dwd boiled down to 3 simple questions for me...all in his books, and all questions we ask all the time...not something copyrighted or patented. Not some secret, but what most churches ask each week.

1) What is most important to me?

2) What has to happen in order to feel (or not feel)this?

3) What is the primary question of my life?

Like the purpose driven life.

Another biggie is the small but powerful distintion reinforced that a belief is A FEELING of certainty about what something means. A FEELING. And values are FEELINGS. Our life is how we feel.

Thats IT! Thats the core of the seminars, IN MY EXPERIENCE.

The other gigantic factor is massive HARD WORK. Tony's work is based in other people's work, mainly NLP. Some call it NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING, I think of it more as NOW LOUD PRAYING! And it works. But very very few will do it, cause it is incredibly hard.

What I have found is the more people complain about the seminars, the less work they have done with the materials. The bracelet stuff was a joke. Eating meat...take it or leave it, my grampas 93, healthy as can be, always has been, and loves meat.

What was beneficial at the event was to become more aware of what we are doing while we are doing it. Spend $10,000 ON A DREAM VACATION with those you love AND SEE HOW YOU FEEL.

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