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Testimonials From Readers Of This Site

If you would like to have a testimonial posted to this website then please e-mail your testimonial to info@ProgramCritique.com. We have had many satisfied readers sending e-mails expressing thier gratitude for the FREE information provided on this site. Many have expressed appreciation that we have helped protect their hard earned dollars. We appreciate your vote  of confidence and will continue to endeavor to provide worthwhile and timely information.

Dear JC Sbicca,

Thank you for your information on past clients / members of M.O.R.E. INC. based in GOESSEL, KANSAS  67053. Your site has helped me in so many ways to avoind bad biz opps. More's  offer for the new INTERNET ADVERTISING AND MANAGEMENT SERVICE, which according to their offer it will be a connection to E=BAY, ADD=CALLS, and THE MALL OF THE WORLD,  LIFETIME PILOT PROGRAM membership. SINCE I GOT ALL THE INFORMATION they sent for this program and the info the founder / owner, Mr. T.J. Rohleder sent, I was about to join them, however, the  investigation on the internet that led me to your site and the public comments and the crityique made me think twice. So after further investigation that was prompted by your site I have decided that this opportunity was not for me. I am glad I found your site which prompted me to investigate further.  I was about to join the program this week but I did not. I am a retired person, and before I retired I was a regional credit and collection manager for two major airlines. I was also their regional financial, ground and flight operations, and claims / fraudulent auditor  investigator. So today I naturally check out all offers becasue the market is full of many scams at present times specially on the internet. Thank al of you at J.C. Sbicca & Company, LLC., our citizens should be kept informed, especially the senior citizens becasue they are the most abused.

Thank you!

Mr. Graciani 

Great site John!, 

Thanks for taking the time and energy to post some of these "true" worker versus the dream-busters. It is sites like yours that really help people in the pursuit of a viable Business Opportunity. I have just stumbled across the "new" Robert G. Allen offerings, to create 1 Million Millionaires in the next 10 years, who will all tithe 10% and make the world a better place. He is offering 2 years of continuous weekly coaching by telephone for $5000. All 4 mountains will be taught, real estate, stock market, internet income and his latest personal enjoyment, infopreneuring. 

I am becoming sceptical but I wonder about some of his other "coaches" he says we will be connecting with.  They will be our chief mentors as he will cover the infopreneuring but give the other mountains to his hand chosen experts.I have looked and found very little on Dr. Stephen Cooper, a former chiropractor now stock market expert. Do you have any information on him?
As well I wonder about a few other names as a distant part of RGA empire: Darin Falter (printed this way on my paper from OMM info sent to me - a search showed me Darren Falter) for internet marketing Karen Bell & Greg Ford  - both specialist real estate buyers/sellers to assist in single unit & multi-unit real estate purchasing.
Denise Michaels - infopreneuring expert and Mark Hornberger - supposedly from Vancouver BC and also an expert in real estate.  He is to be our chief contact here in Vancouver when we find a possible "good" deal.
I live in Vancouver and how would his real estate program "fit" into the Canadian market?  As well one of your writers wisely said his program does not fit for an "up" real estate market.  With the 2010 Olympics here, this is an up market.
I really like RGA's concept of Multiple Streams of Income (MSI).  I don't know if I can trust RGA however and I am looking for some assistance. I am prepared to move towards MSI - just how & with whom?
Thanks for you attention, support. and for providing such excellent reviews and allowing the public to express there personal experiences of so many different Business Opportunities.
Jayeson Shaffer


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for having this website to comment on the so-called Gurus.  I have made a personal comment on Robert J Abalos and am finding others are doing the same at other forums. 

I was wondering if my comments need to be duplicated on your other sites.  
Anyway, I am a real person and do not hide behind false names.  Most of the positive comments about Mr. Abalos, in my opinion, are written by Mr. Abalos using aliases.  I just thought that I should contact you and assure you and your forum readers that I am actually a person and not an alias.  
All the best,  
Daniel Ng 
Dear Program Critique,  
Why am I thanking everyone? Because it's funny in that just today I signed up for the free seminar with the free gift just moments before I found this site.   
I have mixed emotions now about the whole situation. Because of the honest reviews I have found on this site from others I now consider myself armed and dangerous because now I know what to expect and the type of money they are going to ask for. Since I cleard my schedule I am going to attend anyway just for giggles and grins. Thanks again everyone and especially ProgramCritique for making this available for FREE.   
Thanks again,  
Armed and Dangerous 
Dear Mr. Sbicca,   
Like many people distrusting these "get rich quick schemes"  and  getting burned so much in these last years... I'm really fed up.  After receving an email from ROBERT G ALLEN this morning .... I decided to do some digging him.  I  GOOGLED  him to see if anyone wrote the TRUTH about his business practices, etc.   
I was so excited to find your "critique" page and reviews. Finally! an honest guy took the time to save us all from throwing our money out the window, time and time again.
And for that website I sincerely send my gratitude and appreciation.   
Thanks so much   
Take Care
Dear ProgramCritique,  
I'm so glad I came across this site. It was a lot of help! I've invested $4,000.00 on a program that said they would clear my credit card debts. Well, they didn't. Now they're being sued by the Attorney General's office of Florida. I pray I get my money back.  People really need to do research before getting involved in anything that sounds "to good to be true."   
Again, thanks so much for the information you put out there!   
Hello,  John--I have already received alot of value from your website-Thanks!  
I searched for info about Bruce Berman, and was led to your site. I am sure glad I read what you and the people you have attracted to your site had to say about him. I am awed by all of the informationyou have so painstakingly gathered. I have spent a few hours looking it over, and just want to say thank you.  
I noticed that you have a section where you want everyone to tell you about new things they are into, and to tell you so that you can check them out.  I am an affiliate with a small company here in Utah called Matchbin. Could you please do a critique on them?   
Once again Thanks!  
Bruce Henderson

Dear Mr. Sbicca,

I'm really not sure how I happened to your site, but I'm sure elated I did and it's more than I could have ever hoped for.  After all, who wants to waste valuable time and MONEY on bummer Business Opportunities and all the rest of the programs that don't work.  Thank you for all your hard work!  I even posted my own almost bad experience about a Telemarketing Scheme called, "Advantage America" and reported this attempt at defrauding to the authorities of which, I've heard nothing back.

Best regards...and kepp up the good work!


Dear JC,

Just a short note to let you people know that I really think your website is amazing! I found it by accessing Robert Allen through a Google search. I was thinking about buying into one of his programs but his website made me think that he might just be another bummer! It stated that "you will get" all this wonderful information for a one time registration fee of $35.00. This did sound a little wrong to me. I figured once he got your $35.00....he would than start to charge you for the courses...so I googled his name and I found your site!! Wow was I impressed!!! Its just the type of site I have been looking for for a long time!!! Alls I want is the truth!!! (Its hard to find on the net).

Just to further my praise....I then accessed the name Terry Dean....someone I have been learning many good positive things from over the years. I have even purchased some of his hardcopy material. I always thought this guy was "on the ball" and maybe a little "off" in a good way........and then there it was in your reviews....just about everything was positively written about him. I was happy to read that review. It actually gave me some faith in mankind and gave me the belief that I am on the right track!!

Thank you so much for your site! Ill be adding a shortcut to my desktop and putting you guys in my "favorites list.

Thank again!

your Friend,

 Jerry Minton

Dear Program Critique,

Whaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!! Oh my God!!!! Thank you good hearted people for sharing your experiences with the rest of us! I was actually sooo excited to join the envelope stuffing program but now HECK NO!!!!!! I am really really sorry for those who got taken advantage of.

Thank you Program Critique for allowing people to share and be honest with there experiences.

Dear JC,

I wanted to send a word of thanks and to let you know what a wonderful site you have. I tried SMC a couple of years ago and like so many other people stated, it is really HARD to sell any this stuff. I quit and lost my investment, and recently actually thought about trying it again! Thank goodness I found your website by accident and the testimonials regarding SMC, knocked the common sense back into my head.




I just discovered your site and was going through it. I, like so many others have found a multitude of scams online promoting every type of get rich scheme imaginable. I think, by reviewing your site, that you are doing a good service by trying to help others to protect themselves from the leeches out there. That is why I thought I would send you this information about making payments by credit card, or debit card. I fell for the Carleton Sheets pitch approximately 4 years ago. After signing up for a couple of their newsletters, which were exhorbitantly priced, I called (and wrote) unsubscribing from them, in the allotted timeframe, only to find that each month they were STILL debiting my debit card. When I went to my bank to put a stop on their deductions to my account, the bank informed me that they could NOT stop the monthly debit payments because Carleton Sheets changes the amount of the debit a few cents each time, therefore, the bank could NOT target their debits to stop. To stop the monthly withdrawals from my account, I was required to close my account and open a new one.
So, once again, buyer beware !!!

Thanks and keep up the good work,


Disclaimer: These reviews are for educational purposes only. The reviews given here are personal opinions, and other people might have different views on the products reviewed on this website. You should make any buying decisions based on your own judgment. No guarantees of income potential are given or implied; such income potential is dependent on your own skills and resources. We may receive commission or revenue from any service or product that is purchased through this site.


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