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PIQO: the world's most powerful pocket projector with FULL HD resolution of 1080p

Picoprojector – small, pocket-sized projector built into the camera, mobile phone, PDA and other mobile equipment.

Existing pocket projectors allow you to get projections up to 120 inches diagonally, up to 300 lumens. Mini-projectors made as a stand-alone device often have a threaded hole for a standard tripod and almost always – built-in card readers or flash memory’which allows you to work without a signal source. LEDs are used to reduce power consumption in the picoprojector.

If you are a fierce movie buff, then you are just a ghost’related to pay attention to CINEMOOD STORYTELLER – This is a compact translator to display cinema, diafilms, cartoons and listening to audio compositions and designing videos with YouTube.
PIQO – The smallest projector in its class, size, just over 2 inches, it is easily placed in a pocket, a small handbag or a briefcase. Multifunctional projector can be worn to work, to school, to parties or in hiking, and use it for hours – listen to music, watch movies and play. Innovative PIQO design compact, durable and intuitive in use. Others «portable» projectors are large and clumsy, and for their work as previously need cables and adapters. PIQO has been designed to become the first projector that can be easy to carry from place to place. Now in you There is a cinematic power and speaker of Hi-Fi, Wherever you go.
Bright cinematic colors and deep blacks provide sharp contrasts while maintaining sharpness thanks to a 200-lumen Piqo projection capacity. Whether day or night, you will enjoy HD viewing with stunning clarity. Using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, Piqo can transfer anything from any of your devices to any surface.

Access your favorite photos and videos from your phone or iPad and share them wirelessly’language for all his friends and family’her. Or control the presentation of your work from your phone while posting it on the wall for viewing in the office.

Piqo is compatible with 3 million applications and counts on the Google Play Store. Broadcast or download your favorite shows from Netflix or YouTube, play Candy Crush, manage your calendar and more – all on a widescreen 240-inch screen. Windows, Android, iOS – No matter what device you have, Piqo can connect to it easily and instantly. Connect to your phone or computer’user for work, video chat or creative projects. Connect to your favorite game console for crazy 240-inch multiplayer action. Connect to a tablet and paste YouTube on the bedroom wall before bed. Piqo can connect wherever you are.

Main characteristics:

  • Maximum portability, dimensions: 2.25 x 2.25 x 2.25 inches
  • Resolution of the projected image: 1080p, 240 inches, 200 lumens
  • 5 hours of battery life
  • Intelligent projection of automatic correction of trapezoidal distortions
  • HDMI and USB inputs, there is also the possibility of wireless connection

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